Pink Nail Society is a non-profit organization to inform men about the risks of prostate cancer.

Early Beginnings:
Our founder, Stephen Tendrich, was a bartender in New York when his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) had already reached level of 22; the cancer had already dominated his prostate.  The only recourse was his doctor suggesting surgery.  Even after going through radical surgery and radiation therapy, the cancer cells in his body continued to increase in number. Therefore, it was decided to administer hormone therapy treatment every month to decelerate the growth of cancer cells. 

A Touching Exchange between Father and Son:

In July of 2014, Stephen and his father Donald, were face-timing. Donald explained that he felt he lost his manhood due to the side 

effects of his prostate cancer surgery. To boost his self-esteem, Stephen decided to paint both of his pinky finger nails pink to demonstrate that one can still be a man, even with a little colorful nail polish.

During their phone conversation, Stephen proudly revealed: "Dad, look at my nails. Yes, they are pink; however, I still stand a here man. And, So Are You." On his phone screen, Stephen saw his father’s face light up with a broad smile… and ever since then he has had a whole new positive outlook. To this day, Stephen continues to paint his pinky fingers pink and so does his father.
Then and there, was the creation of the Pink Nail Society.

Our Mission:

-Raise awareness regarding  prostate health & cancer in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area

-Collaborate with community partners to increase testing and treatment

-Contribute funding towards increased prostate cancer research (Prostate Cancer Foundation)