What is prostate cancer?

Nearly 3 million American men are currently with prostate cancer. This is equivalent to the population of a large city like Chicago, Ilinois. Contrary to idea that cancer is only a genetic trait, prostate cancer is also caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and the majority of men are unaware of this fact. Share this:


Currently, 1 in 8 males is likely to develop prostate cancer in the United States. According to American Cancer Society™, approximately 220,800 men will be informed that they have prostate cancer this year. Statistics show that African-American men and males in their 50s are more prone to having prostate cancer, but every man should be aware and informed of the possibility of being diagnosed. Prostate Cancer is the 3rd highest ranking of newly diagnosed cases of all cancers. (National Institutes of Health [NIH] https://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/prost.html). Share this:

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