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The Pinky Promise

Let me just say this.

Kudos and CONGRATS to Jt Taylor for his triumph in the Key West Stoli Challenge!!

Thank you Daniel Clements, Ron Nagy, Aaron Mescher, and Zack Schaffer for being by Josh’s side and providing him with AMAZING SUPPORT!

Josh came in SECOND in the finals! His spectacular cocktail called the “The Pinky Promise,” dazzled the audience!

The contest focused on creating a cocktail representing a charity of your choice.

Josh chose the Pink Nail Society, which raises awareness on prostate cancer!

Thank you Georgie's Alibi Monkey Bar Wilton Manors for bringing Josh on board to showcase his talent and awareness for the Pink Nail Society!

We Pinkie Swear to Care!!

Key West, you have PINKIE NAILED!

Let’s Keep Giving Prostate Cancer the Finger!

Thank you all for brining it strong

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