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Totally PINK

A Night to Remember.

A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU from the Pink Nail Society: Stephen Tendrich, Aaron Mescher, and Zack Schaffer for the support from all who attended, to Georgie's Alibi Monkey Bar Wilton Manors and it’s diligent crew: Johnny Pak, David Nugent, Rick, Trae Greene, Don, Palmer, Ron Woolery, Byron Richardson, Michael Toy, Eric Brano, Uwe Wolf Cuff Schroeder, Whitney James, Lee Logan, Joshua Smith, Jeremy Weis, Stephen A, Ben, Tommy Lane, Bobby Neal Furedi, Wilton Dough, Marquie Kloppenburg, Mike Vinci, and The awesome kitchen staff and it’s delicious appetizers!


Hugs and kisses to the performers of the night!!

Tony and Gloria!! Antonio Edwards!!! Jennifer McClain!!! Tommy Paduano!! Jesse Smith!!! Brandon Pippen!!! Whitney James!!!

To the volunteers, Frankie Corrado, Matthew Dona, Dale Brown, Brooke Fenix, Sam, Darrell Falvo, Mark Beauchamp and Ray, your time was much appreciated!! To the outside donations, thank you!!! You know whom you are!!!

Broward Health w/ Edward Cornwell, The Mighty Chihuahua with the Prom photo op and the awesome photo booth inside with KyMike Photography!

Did you see the DELOREAN??? Totally RAD !!! Thanks Dan Harris!

And did you see our Pink Nail Society frozen in ICE??? Thanks Ice and Fruits!!

We went Back to the Future and into the 80s Prom Night!!!! GREAT SCOTT DOC!! We did it!!

So far, we have raised just over 12 THOUSAND!!

PINKIES UP!!! L’CHAIM!!! Cheers to all the fans!

We Pinkie Swear to Care!

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